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This failure sends Hezbollah a message that it can act with impunity while undermining the protection of civilians caught in fighting involving armed groups around the world.

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When firing these rockets into civilian areas, Hezbollah knew that the likelihood of hitting a military target was slim to none, while the likely result would be the death and injury of civilians. Such attacks were at best, indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas, and at worst, direct attacks against civilians. Either way, they were serious violations of international humanitarian law and probable war crimes.

Hezbollah also used children as active combatants, another violation of the law.

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Hezbollah publicly defended its attacks on Israel, insisting that many of its rockets were targeted at military objects. But this does not excuse the many other rockets indiscriminately launched into civilian areas.

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Hezbollah also sought to justify its attacks on Israeli civilians by claiming they were legitimate reprisals under certain interpretations of Islamic law. Such statements are disappointing, to say the least, from an organization that has that has otherwise prided itself on having forced Israel to withdraw its military forces from Lebanon in without attacking civilians.

They also are short-sighted: violations of international humanitarian law happen in almost every war, so if a violation by one side excused violations by another, every war would degenerate into attacks on civilians.

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  • Hezbollah also denied doing anything to endanger Lebanese civilians without countering specific charges that they have fought or stored weapons in civilian areas. Even those who support Hezbollah and believe it has a right to resist must demand that Hezbollah fight by these rules.

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  • Failing to hold Hezbollah to account risks plunging it into complete lawlessness as a fighting force and encourages blatant disregard for basic principles of war by other armed groups. If a green light is given to attacks on civilians, the one thing we know for sure is that the victims will hardly be limited to Israelis. As in the case of Iraq, Arabs and Muslims will be well represented.

    If we are to minimize the harm to civilians in such conflicts, we must not start making exceptions now. And if Hezbollah wants to be taken seriously as a legitimate force, it should be held to the same international standards that apply to forces of its kind. Skip to main content.

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